Welcome, neighbors of Lakewood!

Who can deter pests, reduce odors around your home, & disinfect your trash bins in an eco-friendly way?

captain can!

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Our Services Address The Following:

  • Deter

    Food debris is often left at the bottom of trash cans unintentionally, due to improper disposable or trash bag malfunctions and it can attract animals & pests. Captain Can deters these unwelcomed guests by addressing the source of the problem.

  • Disinfect

    Bacteria thrive in trash cans, especially during the warmer months. That trash can stench you observe isn’t just unpleasant, it suggests health risks. By using a 190° high-pressure washer, Captain Can disinfects, leaving you with not only cleaner trash cans—but safer ones, too!

  • Deodorize

    There’s no other way to put it: a dirty trash can stinks. Worse, trash can odors don’t affect just your property but can emanate next door to your neighbor’s too. Using only hot water, we eliminate bacteria that cause foul smells & naturally deodorizes your trash can.


    Captain Can is here to defend local waterways with our eco-friendly cleaning method. Our service is a natural pest suppressant, decreases water usage in comparison to traditional trash can cleaning, and uses zero harsh chemicals or pesticides.

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